Monday, February 14, 2011

I Have Two Friends

“So I have two friends who couldn’t believe you eat your cum from me.”
I looked at my wife with disbelief. What had she just said? “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
”I said, I have two friends who couldn’t believe that you lick and swallow your cum from me after we make love.”
I paused and looked at her. I still wasn’t quite sure I had heard her correctly, but I had a sinking feeling I had. “Well, I guess that raises two questions for me. Why in the world were you having a conversation about our sex lives with anyone, and why would you specifically tell them about me swallowing my ejaculate after making love?”
“First of all, I wasn’t telling them how you swallow your ejaculate after making love, I was telling them how you suck and lick your cum from my pussy after we make love. There is a difference, the way you put it is very clinical, the way I put it is very sexy and nasty. By the way, it’s also very cool, so relax, it’s not a bad thing. “
She continued, “And don’t get all upset, I was telling them how good you look now that you have lost all that weight and gotten in shape, and I was telling them how nice your body is, especially with your shaved cock and all….”
“With my shaved cock and all? Again, I’m not following the conversation flow here, you told them I have a shaved cock?” I was even more bewildered now, but not surprised. And I also knew this conversation was designed to exploit my embarrassment and tease me as only my wife can. She really is very clever at playing dumb, but she is so far from dumb, you can’t even see dumb from where she started.
“Well you do have a shaved cock! Listen, do you want to know how this conversation took place or not? It’s really quite simple if you just let me finish.”
“Yes, yea, I actually do want to know how the conversation took place, so please, continue.” I was bewildered but curious.
“OK, so I was having lunch with two friends….”
’Which two friends, if you don’t mind my asking?”
”I’ll tell you that later but let me finish my story please. I was having lunch with two friends and they both commented on your weight loss and how you looked good. That is when I told them you really have buffed up and your shoulders, arms and back are nicely defined, and how flat your stomach is, and how you are naturally almost hairless and with your shaved cock, you really look good.”
She paused for effect and looked at me, but I wasn’t going to take the bait.
“Anyway, they were surprised that you were shaved, so I told them you have been shaved for years and that it’s part of this little submissive game that we play, with me being the dominate sexual partner, and you being the submissive sexual partner.”
“Oh Gosh, I can’t believe you told anyone about that,” I said. I’m sure I just turned a shade of red reserved for only those who are highly embarrassed.
“Honey, you need to relax, the fact that you want to be the sexually submissive partner is just fine, my controlling your orgasms and you servicing me are nothing to be ashamed of. It just shows how much you love me, and that’s very nice.”
“You didn’t tell them that you control my orgasms, too?” This was getting worse, if possible.
“Well, I do control your orgasms, I mean, if I don’t want you to cum, you don’t cum, and by the way, it was your idea in the first place, remember?”
“Well, yea, I know it was. But taking control of my cock and orgasms was just part of giving myself to you. I wanted you to know I would do anything you wanted, and giving my orgasms to you was the ultimate in proving that desire. I never thought it would be a topic of conversation over lunch with the girls.”
She said, “Actually, your cum eating is the ultimate sign of your submissiveness, but orgasm denial was also a topic of conversation with the girls, and of course I had to tell them. I mean, what would be the point if they didn’t know you sometimes wait a week or more to cum. They couldn’t imagine telling their husbands they couldn’t cum. But I told them if I make you wait a week, you shoot a huge amount of sperm, and licking it up is a real indication of your love for me. It turns me on knowing that you waited to cum and that you will be licking up a big load. It is soooo much more impressive than just cumming when you want and licking up any everyday load of cum, don’t you think?”
“Well, I see your point of course, but why would you tell them I lick it up in the first place?”
”I’m getting to that! So they were impressed that you had gotten into great shape, and that you were shaved and then they were really impressed that you did what I wanted you to do…you know sexually, that I’m the boss. So they wanted to know specifics, and I said, well, I guess the best example of your submissiveness is the fact that you eat your cum from my pussy after we make love or off my stomach or I share it with you after a blow job, and they just kind of freaked.”
“Well I can see why! My gosh, I mean it’s not the type of topic that comes up in the natural flow of a luncheon conversation. Who would expect anyone to say, oh, by the way my husband is a cum eater.”
“I think it was even deeper that that, they said their husband hardly even go down on them, and never would eat there ejaculate from them.” She laughed.
“Well, that’s too bad, their husband’s don’t know what they are missing”
“I can’t imagine not having a husband who loves to go down on me. You could spend days down there. (a knowing laugh) And now that you do it after filling me up, wow, that is the best. Getting licked after getting fucked feels great and is so nasty, it adds an element of sexually naughtiness to our relationship, don’t you think?”
“Yea I do think, and it is nasty and I do love having you tell me to do it. And I’m glad you like it, you know I do, so I guess no harm done, as long as your friends can keep their mouths shut and don’t blab it around to everyone we know.”
“Do you like doing it, going down on me after?”
I looked her in the eyes and said, “Yes, I do like doing it. I need you to tell me to do it, but yes, I’m starting to enjoy the taste of my own cum.” That was hard to say!
I continued, “Right now I still need you to tell me to do it, but once I’m cleaning you, or licking it up, I enjoy it. I’m trying to train myself to do it without you telling me, but it’s very hard. I need your encouragement. You telling me makes all the difference, and I’m always glad I did it. It is nasty and sexy and makes me feel very submissive to you, and I like that.”
She said, “I’m so glad, I like it too. You do remember it was your idea in the first place.” She continued.
“Oh, and I don’t think they will blab it around, but there is one other thing. I kind of offered your services.”
I just looked at her. There was silence for about 15 seconds.
“I’m sorry, did you say you offered my services? In what way?”
“Welllll…they were wondering if you would do clean up duties on them after there husbands…you know.”
“They want to know if I’ll go down on them after their husbands cum in them? I hope you told them no way!”
“Not exactly. I told them you would be happy to do it, I would ask you to do it, and you would do it.”
“HONEY, how in the heck is this going to work, I can’t do that. Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. Call them up and tell them no, you have changed your mind, your husband can’t do that.”
“Calm down. Now listen to me, take a deep breath and just listen to me for a second. First, you love to eat pussy, don’t you?”
”Of course I do, you know that, but…”
“Now shush! You like to eat pussy so much that you routinely go down on me after I’m filled with your sperm don’t you?”
“Well, of course, but that is you, I love to go down on you, that is my cum, not another man’s cum.”
“And here is the most important part of my arguments, I haven’t changed my mind. I offered your tongue and mouth to my friends, and you are going to do what I ask you to do, because I am asking you to do it, and because I love you and you love me. You are going down on my friends and there is no argument about it, so get use to the idea. Do you understand what I have just said to you?”
“Of course I understand what you said, but you left out one pretty big detail, your friends pussies are going to be filled with their husbands cum, and I’m going to have to swallow it.”
“Oh for goodness sake, cum is cum. Quite being so homophobic, do you realize how many different mouthfuls of cum most woman have had in their lives. How many different cocks we have had to suck?”
“Doesn’t it seem kind of, I don’t know, eating another man’s cum and all.”
“OH my gosh, is this a “gay” thing? You’re not gay if you’re eating pussy and loving it. Your not gay when you eat cum from my pussy after making love to me, I don’t think of it as gay, and neither do you. It’s your hard dick putting the sperm in my pussy, how do you think the sperm got there and how can that be gay?”
“But it’s another man’s cum. I would be eating another man’s cum.”
“YEA, that’s right and it would be from another woman’s pussy. You’ll have such a hard cock when you’re doing it we could hang winter coats from it! Get over yourself. And, you are doing it, so stop arguing before I get angry. I have told my friends yes, and yes is the final answer. Do we agree?”
I was at the turning point, the proverbial fork in the road, between a rock and a hard place, pick a metaphor, I was there. This is going to be a huge fight, or I’ll have to do it. And you know what, I do love to eat pussy even though I had no idea whose pussy it would be, and it was going to be filled with cum. But my wife was offering me up and I couldn’t embarrass her by refusing. It would make her look bad in front of her friends. I had no choice. And the cum thing, well that didn’t thrill me but I’m sure it would be easier eating a cum soaked pussy without having an orgasm myself, than eating a cum filled pussy after cumming in it and being in that after orgasm down. So this might not be as bad as I think.
I said, “We agree.”
Two words, we agree, and now I was committed to eating another man’s cum from a pussy I didn’t know. This whole conversation had taken less than five minutes. Life is odd isn’t it. I had a hard on.
“Do you have a hard on?” my wife asked, knowingly.
“Let me see it.”
I stripped naked and stood in front of her, legs slightly spread, hard shaved cock pointing slightly up, hands behind my back. As she looked me up and down, eyes coming to rest on my crotch, I felt a flush of embarrassment, and a deep, deep love for my wife. She knows me so well.